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Quickly and Safely train your dog to stop barking!

HushDogs™ Electric Shock Dog Collar is perfect for training dogs to quit barking and misbehaving. Set the training level to administer a slight beep, buzz or shock to correct your dogs behavior.

Tried and tested, HushDogs™ teaches your dog obedience  while keeping it safe from cruel shocking methods. 

Adjustable Collar Fits Any Dog Size

HushDogs™ is Easy to sync and use on multiple dogs regardless of size. Big or small, long haired or short. This collar is perfect for your dog.

No WiFi, no problem. With a built-in transmitter, connecting your Wireless Remote is simple and convenient. Just pair the device and go.

Easy To Use

Easy to use at home,

no installation


Long Battery Life

Lasts up to 45 days.

Recharge quickly anywhere.

Safe Settings

Adjustable Sensitivity

For Any Dog Size


Freedom To Your Dog

To Explore In Any Terrain.

Stop Worrying That Your Dog Will Run Away

The Collar acts as a behavior modification device that protects your dog from bad habit formation. If your dog is being disobedient, use the collar to Gently remind them to behave.

Click the vibrate or shock mode to warn your dog to stop the mischief. Your dog will only take a few days to naturally stop without future assistance.

No More Accidental Shock

No more worrying about harming your dog. HushDogs™ Collar locks the settings in place to prevent accidental shocks.

HushDogs™ offers an adjustable 0~99 shock setting. You can precisely set the static level for your dog to discipline them peacefully without pain.

Durable and Waterproof

HushDogs™ waterproof design is built for any weather. Don’t deprive your pet of playing in the rain, mud, and sprinklers.

The HushDogs™collar is IPX67 waterproof, able to withstand moisture even in the most adverse weather conditions. Made of durable and lightweight material, HushDogs™ won't burden your dog in any way.

Long Range & Long Battery Life

Training your dog in different settings has never been easier. With a 875 Yard range your dog can feel free to roam anywhere such as the park, backyard, or woods.

HushDogs™ long battery life ensures you and your dog can play together without the battery dying. Allow your dog the freedom to play inside or out, while providing constructive behavior training 24/7. You won’t need to stop the training process due to a dead battery or out of zone reach.

HushDogs™ E-Collar


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3 HushDogs™ E-Collar


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